Dunlop CX Team 265

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Loaded with speed, spin and controllable power, the CX Team 265 is a great option for bargain hunters who want ease of use. At nearly 10 ounces strung,  it swings a little heavier than the CX Elite 260 and CX Pro 255, giving it a tad more stability and power.  In addition to being a solid choice for the beginner who is looking to rise to the next level, this racquet should also work for the early intermediate  player who wants raw speed. The CX Team 265 comes with an Aeroskin surface, giving it less wind-drag (think speed). It also comes with Vibrotech grommets in the throat for extra vibration dampening and comfort. On groundstrokes the CX Team 265 is all about speed. This racquet's light weight and easy acceleration not only make for easy preparation, but it will enable you to address the ball with greater power and confidence. The maneuverable response also helps when scrambling on defense or trying to execute shots on the run.  At net, this racquet's quick handling will help you stay active and react quickly to your opponent's shots. Ultimately, the CX Team 265 is a great option for the improving player who wants spin-friendly racquet with easy acceleration and controllable power.