Babolat SFX AC

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Babolat Mens SFX All Court Tennis Shoe in the white & red colour. More natural, free flowing movements without losing any support or durability from your tennis footwear.

  • Smooth footwork thanks to the custom fit
  • As comfortable when you first slip into them as they are while you’re playing in them thanks to the multi-layer Ergo Motion insole
  • Dynamic shock absorption thanks to the Ergo Motion’s dual midsole design
  • Tough-wearing upper thanks to the amazing S-Shield
  • Long lasting heel comfort and shock absorption with the Kompressor System
  • Durability and traction on all types of courts with the Michelin outsole

Babolat SFX AC Mens tennis shoes are the ideal choice for any tennis player and are high performance footwear.  They are very grippy on the surface due to the Michelin rubber used on the soles.

Key Technologies of this tennis shoe:

Ergo Motion - For smoother, airy light footwork. Ergo-Motion midsole Dual material sole to homogenize the excess pressure generated during lateral movements and quick shifts in direction. - REVAX material on the internal side : more resilient and softer material to absorb higher pressures - EVA Light on the external side

Michelin OCS - Babolat outsoles are specially designed to give players the highest performance over a longer period - designed with the R&D department at Michelin.

Kompressor System - The innovative heel system is made with EVA cushioning and TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) filled tubes inside the rubber. Thanks to the compression effect, when the heel hits the ground, the energy is absorbed and redistributed along throughout each tube for optimal shock absorption and comfort. At the end of the impact, the tubes regain their original shape and restore the energy for an ultra dynamic response.