Dunlop Revo CV 5.0

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Dunlop's Srixon Revo CV 5.0 offers the best of both worlds. It offers much of the spin-potential and precision found in the  more compact CV 3.0 model, but it also packs a slightly larger head size (102in²) for a more forgiving response on off-center impact. Boasting a head heavy balance, the CV 5.0 offers decent stability for a sub 11 ounce racquet. The signature technology is called Sonic Core VG, which adds a special rubber material to the standard urethane and silicon formula for enhanced dampening. This racquet also comes with a material technology called Synchro Charge, which uses a flexible graphite in the racquet's upper hoop to counteract the stiff feel off off-center impact. From the baseline, the CV 5.0 combines easy handling with impressive accuracy. The  roomy 102in² head provides decent power without over compromising the control, and stability is impressive for the weight. With its whippy acceleration and open 16x19 string pattern, spin comes very easy, making this a great option for the burgeoning topspin player or anyone looking for easy spin.  At net, the CV 5.0 glides into position with mindless ease, making it great on fast exchanges. Finally, this racquet's explosive acceleration will enable you to swing for power on serves. All in all, Dunlop has succeeded in creating a very user-friendly weapon for the improving player who wants to add pace and spin to their shots.