Head speed MP

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The new Speed MP Graphene 360 is packed with amazing new updates from Head Tennis! Starting with the introduction of Graphene 360, Head has strengthened the Speed frame, adding Graphene technology all-around the frame at four points, 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock. With the implementation Graphene 360, the new Head Speed MP allows for greater stability and optimizes energy transfer during ball impact. Head has also updated the frame construction with a higher beam section at 23mm throughout the entire frame. The thicker beam update strengthens the shaft and shoulder areas of the racquet giving the Head Speed MP solid feel and sound. Also, Head has added wider cross-strings allowing for added power while helping create lateral movement from the main strings resulting in more spin. The Head Speed MP offers an open 16x19 string pattern for added spin potential.

Weight - 300g

Head Size - 100sq in