Prince EX03 Black Team 100

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The Prince EXO3 Black Team Tennis Racket offers better mobility from all areas of the court. A solid choice for players looking to generate maximum racquet head speed for spin and power, this racquet also makes a perfect choice for smaller framed adults and juniors looking to transition into a full-sized racket.

The Prince EXO3 Speedport Black Team has an aerodynamic refinement to the largest sweetspot offered in the Prince racquet line, thanks to the use of new square-shaped EXO3 ports that generate a livelier response across the entire string bed.

EXO3 technology transfers up to 26% more energy back into the ball at the moment of impact, resulting in more spin, pinpoint precision and extraordinary comfort and feel.

Energy Bridge: The Energy Bridge is the revolutionary idea behind EXO3. It is an exo-skeletal structure that suspends the string bed from the frame, increasing virtual head size for up to an 83% larger sweet spot. What is more, frame vibration is reduced by up to 50%.