Wilson Blade SW104 (Autograph)

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Serena Williams' preferred racket. Ideal for attacking players with power and precision.

The vastly improved Blades are back with a brand new minimalistic yet bold aesthetic. Known for their superb control and feel, the Blade range has stood the test of time, becoming the choice of numerous ATP and WTA professionals including Serena Williams, Milos Raonic, Laura Robson and Madison Keys.

The biggest improvement is the addition of Countervail, a material technology integrated into the frames of the racket. When making contact with the ball, Countervail directs the ball’s energy within the frame rather than the players arm. This leads to reduced muscle fatigue and improved recovery time as you spend less energy every swing. Most impressively, the technology - also used by NASA to maximise energy during flight – does not affect the feel, flex and control brought by the braided graphite and basalt in the frame.

Designed for attackers, the thin beam racket offers tremendous control, and parallel drilling makes a return to give Blade fans the response off the strings they love and expect.

The Serena Williams 104 Autograph is the heaviest frame in the range at approximately 306g. It is very head light, and has a longer 28" length. The combination of these specifications make it a magnificent choice for advanced players wanting to attack relentlessly.