Wilson K Blade FX

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The Wilson K Factor K Blade FX Squash Racket is not only stylish and functional, but also features the brand new FX design for complete game improvement. This is the next generation of Wilson’s [K] Factor Squash rackets, providing increased stability by distributing weight to 4 pillars instead of 2. This creates 23% more stability with a greater concentration of weight in the throat area.

The Wilson K Blade FX squash racket features the [K]arophite Black material in the frame, which is Wilson’s propriety next generation structure making use of nanoscopic technology to produce more feel, strength and stability.

Add to this the [K] Zone, which utilises Power string holes and Power Groove Technology resulting in a greater string bed compression and flexibility making for a larger sweet spot. This adds more power and forgiveness. The [K]ontour frame features a new industrial design innovation that improves handling, manoeuvrability and feel.