Tecnifibre Slash 125 X-Top

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Designed for attacking players looking for winning shots, the SLASH 125 squash racket represents the ultimate in speed and power. Extremely light, with a frame weight of 125 g, it's the best in manoeuvrability for maximum swing speed and power.

Product Details

  • X-TOP - The plastic bumper has been replaced by a mix of aramid fibres, the most impact-resistant material, and a PTFE treatment to improve slide and protect the frame against abrasion from the floor or walls. Without the bumper, the racket becomes much smoother and penetrates the air better for maximum swing speed and power
  • Yoke Control Technology - allows you to master the power of your shots and control the impact: 485 cm² head to increase string elasticity, narrower open core with external reinforcements for greater rigidity and a larger 390 mm² oversize shaft for maximum power