In Store Re-Stringing Service

We provide a professional and speedy re-stringing service for tennis, squash and badminton racquets. We use various brands of string and can get the racquet ready for collection within 24hours, once dropped off at the shop. Please see prices below:



Ashaway Rally 21, Yonex BG3


Ashaway Micro Legend XL


Yonex BG65 & BG80 & Aerobite




Eurostring or Synthetic Gut (Grey 1.25mm)


Ashaway SuperNick £26.50

Ashaway PowerNick 18




Eurostring (various colours and types)


Wilson Sensation Comfort (Synthetic Gut) £26.00
Hybrid (Mains Co-Poly + Crosses Synthetic Gut


Babolat Spiraltek (Synthetic Gut)


Dunlop Black Widow £26.00
Babolat RPM Blast £29.99
Luxilon ALU Power £32.00
Luxilon Original £32.00


Grip Build Up


Bumper Strips (if available)


Individual Grommets

£1.00 each

Restring if customer provides own string