Babolat Pure Aero Team Rafa Tennis Racket

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Looking for a tennis racket to help you achieve more spin as well as power? The Babolat Pure Aero Team could be just the racket for you. Combativeness, resistance, mind of steel... you're just like Rafa! It's time to challenge your toughest adversaries with this Pure Aero Team in his name and colours, dominating the game with your power and lift.

Colour: Yellow / Purple

Push back the boundaries of the court and exhaust your adversary. Whether you're already a spin pro or simply an aggressive player after more bite, thios racket was designed with one aimeL to boost your spin. With this racket you'll feel incredible new angles and drive your adversary crazy, sending them to the four corners of the court.

Need power to boost your offensive game? From say one, Babolat has designed a racket to support your pace and spin to helo you fend off your adversary and send them behind the baseline.


  • Aeromodular 3 - an aerodynamic frame integrating the bumper and grommets increases your racket head speed and spin generation
  • FSI Spin - an open string pattern for ultimate spin. Due to the loner contact time between the ball and the string, the WOOFER SYSTEM provides maximum spin with great feeling and superior control
  • Cortex Pure Feel Power By SMAC - better vibration dampening thanks to a new materual integrated in the graphite of the racket that provides pure feel with incredible sound