Babolat X Feel Origin Power

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  • Finally an accessible professional racquet! X-Feel Origin is the racquet that corrects inaccuracies to help you improve. Check out the X-Feel Origin Power for intensive play: its hitting power is amplified by its stiff shaft and control of play is retained through its balanced head light design. Perfect for an aggressive game.

    Carbon X-Trem technology gives the racquet optimal stroke control through total frame stability in the face of even the most extreme distortions.

    The racquet's frame was designed and created to offer increased stiffness to reduce distortions and give greater sensation during rallies.

    • Player Typology: Offensive
    • Weight: 85 g +/- 3g
    • Flexibility: Medium - Stiff
    • Balance: 285 mm +/- 5mm
    • Balance Type: -17 Super Head Light
    • Length: 675 mm
    • Head shape: Powerful Head Size
    • Stringing Pattern: 20/21
    • Tension Recommended: 8-12 Kg
    • Composition: Hot-Melt Graphite
    • Type of cover; Full Cover