Tecnifibre TFIGHT 305

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he 2022 T-Fight model is equipped with the new Isoflex technology. The frame stiffness is varied across the frame through a change in the layup of different graphite composites and densities. A stiffer lay-up is applied to the area where the shorter strings are located to make the strings flex more, and a softer lay-up on longer strings to limit the string flex. The result is a more consistent string bed flex for an enhanced sweet spot, giving the player more playability and stability. The T-Fight 305 was already packed full of power with the 18 mains giving the racket a more control focus and the addition of the Isoflex technology making this racket the most playable 18 mains tennis racket available.

The RS Section improves on the traditional control orientated square section through a redesigned 5-sided frame geometry with specific angles to reduce frame twisting allowing for increased stiffness for more power and precision to hit those winning shots, but at the same time offer a softer, more comfortable feel on impact, giving the player more confidence in their shots. The angled geometry also provides a smoother and better connection between the head of the racket and the reworked yoke section, increasing both stability of the frame through the swing to ensure you hit that sweet spot, and the ball contact time for more comfort.

The T-Fight rackets have been developed using research from TecniLab powered by Trackman to identify 4 main types of player category and the skill sets of those players in each category. The collected data allows Tecnifibre to develop products best suited to specific player category and their specific product requirements and demands, improving their performance. The development and engineering of new products is a player to product approach that ensures players benefit from using the correct equipment for their style of play.

As the player’s performance and physical stature improves, there is a greater demand on the frame to provide more control and precision to master the power. The heavier Fight 300, 305 and 315 rackets all feature the standard RS section and 98in2 head sizes to bring a greater level of stability and precision. Additionally, The Fight 305 has an 18 main string pattern for even more precision, and this is the model used by Daniil Medvedev.

The racket is designed with an elegant white design with red and blue colours highlighting the brand name and racket technologies. 3D decals give the racket a premium finish.

  • The T-Fight range is Tecnifibre’s flagship tennis performance racket range, as used by world #1 Daniil Medvedev (March 2022)

Weight Unstrung 305g
Head Size 98 sq. in
Balance (+/- 5mm) 325
String Pattern 18x19