Tecnifibre TEMPO 270

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Men’s and women’s racket have always been the same, with female versions simply available in lighter weights and more feminine colours. However, thanks to Tecnifibre’s TecniLab research, the first women’s specific frame has been produced resulting in significant performance enhancement for all levels of women players.

Tecnifibre’s research showed that whilst 43% of tennis players are women, the current product offering was not well adapted to their needs. For the past 10 years, Tecnifibre has studied the characteristics of the female game to develop a perfectly adapted product. The research showed that the average woman has 12KG less muscle and is 50% weaker in the upper part of the body compared to the average man. As a result, the average female player produces 14% less ball speed, 25% less spin and 29% more unforced errors than the average male player.

The Tempo range has several unique features to help improve these performance statistics. The first major difference is the Tempo System; a shortening of the racket by half an inch than a traditional tennis racket (26.5 inches rather than 27 inches). This greatly allows the player to increase their swing speed and provide much more manoeuvrability. Greater swing speed leads to more ball speed, more ball spin, and a more efficient point of ball contact for greater accuracy.

The 270 is aimed at competitive players looking for speed and manoeuvrability with a more forgiving 100in2 head. It features a new technology developed by Tecnifibre called Isoflex which is featured on the Fight RSX and TF-X1 rackets. Isoflex works by varying the stiffness of the frame itself to balance the flexibility of the strings. Longer strings flex more easily than short strings. So, we provide a stiffer section on the short strings which forces the string to flex more, and we have a softer frame section on the longer strings which limits the flex of the string. The result is a more consistent string bed flexibility, resulting in an improved, larger sweet spot.

A 16x19 string pattern gives the player the opportunity to generate more spin, whilst the thin integrated bumper known as Superlight Cap allows for a lighter racket head and greater manoeuvrability. This racket is sold unstrung.

Weight Unstrung 270g
Head Size 100sq. in
String Pattern 16x19