Tecnifibre TEMPO 285

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The Tecnifibre Tempo 285 is the second heaviest racket in the Tempo range after the 298. It is a full length, graphite performance racket aimed at competitive players looking for speed and power.

The 285 has reinforced frame sections and a 100in2 headsize so that the player can generate maximum power. The racket also features a new technology developed by Tecnifibre called Isoflex which is featured on the Fight RSX and TF-X1 rackets. Isoflex works by varying the stiffness of the frame itself to balance the flexibility of the strings. Longer strings flex more easily than short strings. So, we provide a stiffer section on the short strings which forces the string to flex more, and we have a softer frame section on the longer strings which limits the flex of the string. The result is a more consistent string bed flexibility, resulting in an improved, larger sweet spot.

A 16x19 string pattern gives the player the opportunity to generate more spin, whilst the thin integrated bumper known as Superlight Cap allows for a lighter racket head and greater manoeuvrability. This racket is sold unstrung.

Weight Unstrung 285g
Head Size 100sq. in
String Pattern 16x19